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Dietz / Fraunhofer FOKUS

Science for the market – the Data Analytics Center has the following competencies:

Data & Knowledge Engineering


  • Structured and unstructured big data
  • Semantic knowledge engineering
  • Real-time data processing
  • Smart data

Data Connection


  • Linked data and semantic web knowledge
  • Semantic enrichment
  • Semantic integration
  • Data policies (Security, Sovereignty, QoS, Norms)

Data Science


  • Machine learning
  • Smart data analytics
  • Cognitive computing + artificial intelligence
  • Distributed computing (Edge Analytics)

Intermediary Added Value Services


  • Corporate smart content
  • Pragmatic cognitive intelligence
  • Decision support, Q&A, Knowledge discovery

Linked Data Analytics Ecosystem (Design Recommendations)


  • Technical reference architectures and best practices
  • Governance and regulatory compliance 
  • Business models

Standardized Analytics Reference Platform & Rapid Prototyping of Domain Applications 


  • Platform for standardized data analytics reference solutions
  • Implementation of PoCs and demos
  • Validation and evaluation in test lab